Thursday, October 28, 2010

We reap what we sow

And we need seeds to sow. Of course I along with most people tend to buy my seed at the garden centres. But if a plant is easy to collect seed from, why not? The majority of the plants in my garden are from seeds purchased in the UK, either because it is infinitely cheaper or because you cannot purchase the variety or type of plant here at all and this increases the benefit of seed saving.

Not being a true expert at seed saving I have opted to go for the plants which have obvious seed pods and am leaving the fleshy stuff (like tomatoes etc) for another year as they require soaking and separating from the pith etc. The process is easy peasy for the seed pods.

Leave the pods to dry on the plant as long as possible, ideally in a cold frame or greenhouse so the light dries them without rain. Pick them, pop them in a paper envelope or if you like your wine as I do, use the brown paper wine bottle bags from Vinbuð, and hang for a while indoors. Preferably somewhere warm, but not the kitchen as the air is moist and will kick off germination, I have chose a windowsill above a radiator. Once you are sure they are completely dry, crack the seed pods and shake the seeds free.

Its best to store them somewhere cool and moisture free. I have wrapped the seeds in marked brown paper bags and placed this inside a tupperware container with some uncooked rice (which absorbs any hint of moisture) and put it in the freezer. We shall see results next season.

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