Monday, October 11, 2010

My 'Stolen' Greenhouse

Through these posts you will see I refer to my stolen greenhouse. This is a greenhouse on the property behind the house we rent. It was full of rubbish and broken glass, panes missing and weeds to the roof. The back of it opens onto my garden.

Seeing that it wasn't in use, I went to the property and asked if I could use it. The tenants living at the house didn't have any interest and so I began using it in 2009. Since then, 2 different groups of people have moved in and out of the house and stare at me wondering what I am doing there, often cackling like a mental patient on my stool, covered in compost. Cackling because I nearly always take Ricky Gervais podcasts to keep me company.

The garden of that house has been wall to wall weeds and the photo used as my background here is of that. As this has meant I have to constantly fight a losing battle against them spreading into my veg patch I have internally justified my use of the greenhouse in return. I have knocked on the door a few times trying to get the landlord's number but always manage to catch them when they are not there.

Recently, yet another new set of tenants have moved in. This coincided with the weed jungle being hacked down and so has set me on edge that my squatting will soon be put to an end. Yet the tall wild flowers and tangle of mint which has grown around the glasshouse blocking access from the owners side were left alone. Let's hope I get to continue using this increasingly important part of my armory as there is no hope of me affording to buy my own.

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