Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Slow down

Not only did my blog posting slow down in the last month, any growth in the garden did so too. It has been snowing, and below minus nearly every day. The winter greens are still going strong, even after being completely covered in snow.

Inside the cold frame stolen greenhouse - which has had its temporary plastic patch up ripped off by the wind - the spinach is still going strong. I am nothing but pleased as punch about this.

At the weekend I crunched out into the snow just before a friend came for dinner and cut a cabbage. After shredding and blanching it for a few minutes I fried some fresh ginger and garlic and added the cabbage with a sloosh of oyster sauce. Served with sesame seeds this was the best tasting cabbage I have ever eaten. I am not entirely confident that the crops will survive the whole winter and lack of sun, but at half way through November even if they all die now I will feel in some way I have conquered the harshest of Icelandic season.

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