Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Von / Hope

Well after landing back in Iceland the weather has mostly been snow, slush, snow, slush, rain. But last wek I announced to my housemate that no matter what the weather would be the day after, I would commence gardening. At the very least a little clear up.
I have been twitching!

Lo, I awoke the next morning, all the snow gone, no wind and a sunny day. I spent 6 hours out in the garden, clearing up old pots, cutting back dead plants and pruning roses and fruit bushes.

I discovered rhubarb, chives, mint, thyme and spring onions already bidding themselves life in the first days with proper light. In addition I discovered my experiment at overwintering carrots seemed to have worked! I harvested 20 or so carrots. Probably 10% were lost to frost but the rest survived. I planted them in a 50cm high plastic container which had very good drainage in the form of stones plus straw at the bottom.

The biggest surprise was that I dug up a bucket full of potatoes that I simply hadn't gotten around to digging up at the end of the season. Best bonus to keep my enthusiasm up whilst the weather plays its wet hand again.

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