Monday, August 8, 2011

In the thick of it

Ok, maybe I am a tad too busy to update this properly.

This month my enemies are:

* Greenfly. Dear lord, so much of them. I have been proactively encouraging spiders who have helped a lot
* Powdery Mildew. I left my greenhouse closed during my 3 week stay abroad and my housemate was very good at watering everything very well, but sadly the weather was warm without sun and the humidity has gotten to all my tomato plants in the greenhouse. Luckily I have about 15 plants in other locations. But for now I removed the worst hit and stripped all the leaves from the remaining ones and left the door open to dry out the greenhouse.

This month I have been eating:
* Tomatoes like they are going out of fashion. Any of my friends who taste them explode with joy
* several lettuces
* spring onions - red and white
* sunflower seeds
* Jalepeno chilis
* Demon red chilis
* Mange tout peas
* Rocket
* Chamomile (tea)
* Pak Choi
* Courgettes
* Spinach
* Swiss Chard
* Baby carrots
* Strawberries
* Baby kale
* Nasturtium
* Corriander
* Thyme
* Basil
* Parsley
* Mint

Things I see being picked by the end of the month:
* More of all of the above
* Potatoes
* Aubergines
* Peas
* French beans
* Runner beans
* Baby corn

I really would love to spend at least 2 days a week doing this and have the most amazing garden.

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  1. Hey there This is a nice blog and I love finding others in Iceland with passion for growing. I think you will find this site interesting

    Would be fun to see some input from you there if you have time. It is all in Icelandic but you can use your preferred language.

    Keep on growing